Chronos Exosomes (EXOCR)

Chronos (EXOCR), the latest innovation in regenerative aesthetics that harnesses the power of exosomes. Crafted in highly specialized laboratories, this advanced line of biologics is defined by its traceability, purity, and potency.

Chronos (EXOCR) Exosomes Irvine

Chronos Exosomes are a revolutionary product in aesthetics, harnessing the power of cell communication to rejuvenate your skin. These next-generation exosomes are microscopic messengers derived from a rich source of regenerative cells and processed through a meticulous 15-step procedure to ensure purity and potency for optimal results. For an extra boost to your favorite aesthetic treatments, Chronos Exosomes can be conveniently added to microneedling procedures like Skinpen, as well as advanced treatments like CoolPeel, DEKA CO2 Laser, and Morpheus8.

Exosomes Add-On


Helps Aid in Recovery/Healing




Used in Addition to CO2 Laser, Morpheus8 or SkinPen



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Features and Benefits

Frustrated with slow recovery times after aesthetic treatments? Chronos Exosomes can help! These next-generation exosome products accelerate your skin’s natural healing process, minimizing downtime and irritation. By delivering a potent blend of regenerative factors directly to your cells, Chronos Exosomes also amplify the results of your chosen treatment, like microneedling, CO2 laser, or Morpheus8. Experience faster healing, smoother texture, and a more youthful appearance with this future-forward approach to aesthetics.

Supercharge Your Skin's Healing

Chronos Exosomes deliver a powerful anti-aging cocktail directly to your skin cells, accelerating the body’s natural healing process. This translates to faster recovery time after your treatment, minimizing downtime and irritation.

Unlock Enhanced Results

Experience more than just rejuvenation. Chronos Exosomes amplify the efficacy of your chosen treatment, promoting collagen production, improving skin texture and tone, and revealing a dramatically more youthful appearance.

Scientifically Backed Innovation

Unlike fads, Chronos Exosomes are grounded in science. Derived from a rich source of regenerative cells and manufactured through a state-of-the-art process, they ensure purity, potency, and traceability for trusted results.

Supercharge your CoolPeel, DEKA CO2 Laser, Morpheus8 and SkinPen treatments.

How Do Chronos Exosomes (EXOCR) Work?

Imagine your skin cells talking to each other, sharing messages to keep everything youthful and healthy. Chronos Exosomes are like tiny superheroes that jumpstart this conversation. Made from natural messengers your body already uses, Chronos Exosomes deliver a powerful mix of ingredients directly to your skin cells. This wakes them up and reminds them to ramp up collagen production, which is key for keeping skin plump and elastic. The result? Faster healing after treatments like microneedling or lasers, and a more radiant, youthful appearance overall.

What Patients Are Saying About Exosomes

  • Microneedling was great, but adding Chronos Exosomes really took it to the next level. My skin healed so much faster, and the results are just incredible. I haven’t felt this confident about my skin in years!

    Lisa, 32
  • I was nervous about trying a CO2 laser treatment, but with Chronos Exosomes, the downtime was minimal. Plus, my wrinkles seem to be fading faster than ever. This is definitely the future of aesthetics!

    David, 41
  • After adding Chronos Exosomes to my Morpheus8 treatment, I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin texture. It’s smoother and tighter, and I swear my fine lines are disappearing! This is a game-changer for anti-aging.

    Sarah, 39
  • I’m a big believer in preventative care, and Chronos Exosomes feel like the perfect way to keep my skin looking young. They work beautifully with my microneedling sessions, and I can definitely tell my skin is thanking me for the extra TLC.”

    Emily, 43


What are Chronos Exosomes?

Chronos Exosomes are microscopic messengers derived from a natural source rich in regenerative properties. They act like tiny communicators, delivering a cocktail of beneficial molecules directly to your skin cells.

How do Chronos Exosomes work?

Think of Chronos Exosomes as jumpstarting a conversation within your skin. They remind your cells to ramp up collagen production, a key ingredient for youthful, plump skin. This translates to faster healing after procedures and a more radiant appearance.

What are the benefits of adding Chronos Exosomes to my aesthetic treatment?

There are several advantages:

  • Faster Healing: Chronos Exosomes accelerate your skin’s natural healing process, minimizing downtime and irritation after procedures like microneedling, CO2 lasers, or Morpheus8.
  • Enhanced Results: They work synergistically with your chosen treatment, promoting collagen production, improving texture and tone, and revealing a more youthful look.
  • Safety and Purity: Chronos Exosomes undergo rigorous purification and are traceable from source to ensure the highest quality and minimize the risk of side effects.

Are Chronos Exosomes safe?

Yes! Rigorous purification processes guarantee Chronos Exosomes are safe for most skin types. Additionally, their source-to-finish traceability provides peace of mind. As with any new treatment, it’s always recommended to consult with your provider before starting.

Can Chronos Exosomes be added to any aesthetic treatment?

Chronos Exosomes are designed to complement various advanced aesthetic procedures, including microneedling with tools like Skinpen, as well as CO2 lasers like CoolPeel and DEKA, and radiofrequency treatments like Morpheus8. Discuss the possibility of adding them to your chosen treatment with your provider or aesthetician.

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