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I was ready to try Botox and didn’t know where to go so I started researching online since I unfortunately didn’t have anyone I knew to ask about who to go to. I came across a story from CBS LA News about the “Best Orange County Spas to get Botox”. Stacy was profiled in the story as long as a few other places. I decided to go with Stacy due to the wonderful reviews she had and her proximity to where I live. She sounded like the type of practitioner I would like to see for my first time with Botox. I wanted someone who had a lot of experience and provided conservative, natural results.As a first-timer, I felt very at-ease with Stacy. She explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. My Botox results were very conservative and natural and I will definitely be going back for future treatments to keep the results up. Since the Botox experience went well, I decided to also try Juvederm. I was super nervous about having it done but it was far less traumatic than I thought it would be. It was surprisingly pain-free. She does a great job numbing you first and she is very gentle. I was very worried I would be bruised and would have to hide out for a few days but I had absolutely no bruising. The only tell-tale sign were two small red dots where the needle went in. There was some very minor swelling and bumps here and there for a few days afterwards (which is normal) but nothing that anyone would have noticed but me. I’m very pleased with the results and I’m so glad I got Juvederm done.Stacy is truly awesome at what she does. The results are very natural, and she’s extremely gentle and professional.I also love how I can book appointments with her online. Very convenient! Nice office and great location too.

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