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The wrinkles under my eyes were bugging me big time so I did some research to see if botox would get rid of it. I actually went to one doctor who had great Yelp reviews but who tried to turn me onto Dysport (I’ve actually used botox in the past and had no negative reactions so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try another injectable and run the risk of having complications). Wanting to look at other options, I found Stacy.I explained what I was looking for and she wasn’t one of those nurses who will just say “yes” to everything you want to do to your face (I guess I can get carried away sometimes with all my ideas), which is a GOOD thing. You know she’s not just there trying to make a few extra bucks off of you.When it came time to do the actual botox, she was very gentle and very careful to make sure that the injection would be done in the least painful way possible so I definitely appreciated that. She also enrolled me in the Brilliant Distinction program which helps you to get discounts from Allergan going forward — extra points for trying to help make this as cost effective as possible.Anyway, the best thing about Stacy is that she has a very calm, bedside manner, and just comes across as very down to earth. The last thing you really want when you’re going to one of these place is to have someone working on you who is rushed and pushy and she is as far from that as possible.Highly recommend (at least for botox — I haven’t tried anything else with her)!

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