Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover - Before and After Photos - Concierge Aesthetics
Mommy Makeover - Before and After Photos - Concierge Aesthetics

Before and After:

Patient's Area of Concern:Mommy Makeover
Patient's Age:42
Treatment:(2) Juvéderm Ultra Syringes, (2) Juvéderm Voluma Syringes, (48) Units of Botox Cosmetic and Perfect Derma Peel
Practitioner:Stacy Vencill, PA-C

Details of the Treatment:

I really wanted to do a contest for just moms — the women that tend to forget or sacrifice themselves for the sake of other needs, finances, fear and guilt.

The point was to give everything away for FREE that was at my disposal and it would be done based on need and some background information on their aesthetic desires. This contest was not for marketing or to gain new patients, in fact, the winning patient lives in San Diego! So I didn’t expect her to be a repeat patient, but she has loved everything so much that I see her every 4 months.

She deserved to have something for just her, to give her confidence and fix things that bothered her while still looking natural. Her story (submitted by her best friend) was extremely heartwarming and selfless—not just with her family of 5, but in caring for her friends’ children while her friend focused on her toddler that was recently diagnosed leukemia. She is so beautiful and I instantly knew she was the right one for the contest. She is 42 years old, very healthy and active.

The following treatments were done at 2 separate appointments done 2 weeks apart:

  1. Botox Cosmetic in forehead, frown area and around eyes. Total 48 units
  2. (2) syringes of Juvederm for under eyes hollowing, surface smile lines around the mouth and the marionettes
  3. (2) syringes of Voluma for the cheeks to smooth the eye area and lift the heaviness in the lower face
  4. Perfect Derma peel to the face
  5. Products started: Retinol 0.5 for wrinkles and skin smoothing, Lytera for discoloration and Latisse to lengthen/thicken/darken the eyelashes

At her final follow-up visit, I took a few notes about her experience that I feel really reflects the thoughts or misconceptions of so many women/mothers!!

  • “I didnt know where to start with my skin and so I never got around to doing more than the basics.”
  • “I didnt know that Botox/fillers/chemical peels are preventative (as well as corrective).”
  • “I can now appreciate that it IS important to make time to do things that make you feel better.”
  • “I have SO much more confidence, even without makeup!”
  • “Despite my fear of looking overdone with all that we planned, my husband and friends all commented on how natural it looks—like ME, just 10 years ago!! It’s an amazing feeling!”

As a mom, I set out to just bless another mom. In the end, I was so changed by her…her kind and grateful spirit made such an impression on me.

~ Stacy Vencill, PA-C

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