JUVÉDERM® Ultra – Lips

JUVÉDERM® Ultra - Lips Before
JUVÉDERM® Ultra - Lips - After

Before and After:

Patient's Area of Concern:Lips
Patient's Age:42
Treatment:(1) Syringes of JUVÉDERM® Ultra
Practitioner:Susie Ergun, PA

Details of the Treatment:

This 42 year old has a beautiful lip shape and wanted to add some more visible fullness. She is consistent with her follow up, every 3-6 months to add more filler to her lips to maintain consistent fullness. This after photo is after her most recent filler appointment using 1 syringe of JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus. She’s so happy with the fullness, as are we! Her consistency over time has allowed the product to last even longer than before.

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