CoolPeel and DEKA Pulse CO2 Laser

Before: CoolPeel + DEKA Pulse - Concierge Aesthetics
After: CoolPeel + DEKA Pulse - Concierge Aesthetics

Before and After:

Patient's Area of Concern:Skin Quality and Texture
Patient's Age:46
Treatment:CoolPeel and DEKA Pulse (SmartXide) CO2 Laser
Practitioner:Susie Ergun, PA

Details of the Treatment:

Meet Stacy Vencill, our radiant founder!  Witness her incredible journey with our latest treatments, CoolPeel and DEKA Pulse CO2 laser.

At Concierge Aesthetics, we take our time introducing new treatments. We research, consult experts, and even try them ourselves! It’s all about ensuring top-notch quality for our clients. 

In the “Before” picture, Stacy was eager to revitalize her skin with CoolPeel and DEKA Pulse.

And voilà!  After a tailored blend of CO2 laser treatments, including the deep Deka for under-eye tightening and a refreshing CoolPeel for her face and neck, Stacy’s skin is smoother, tighter, and glowing with youth!

Impressed? We’re just getting started! Even after just one CoolPeel session, the results are remarkable.

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