CoolPeel and DEKA CO2 Laser Before Photo - Concierge Aesthetics Irvine
CoolPeel and DEKA CO2 Laser After Photo - Concierge Aesthetics Irvine

Before and After:

Patient's Area of Concern:Improvement in Skin Texture
Patient's Age:66
Treatment:CoolPeel and DEKA CO2 Laser
Practitioner:Susie Ergun, PA

Details of the Treatment:

Checkout these stunning results from laser treatments on this 66-year-old beauty. She came to us concerned about skin laxity and moderate lines and folds, particularly under her eyes, around her mouth, and on her mid-neck.

After (1) DEKA (SmartXide) treatment under her eyes and (2) CoolPeel sessions on her face and neck, the outcome was simply phenomenal! ✨ Her skin now boasts a brighter, more youthful appearance, with remarkable smoothness in these problematic areas. Additionally, her skin texture has softened, and redness has visibly improved.

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