Botox Cosmetic – Forehead Lines

Before: Botox Cosmetic - Forehead Lines in Irvine | Concierge Aesthetics
After: Botox Cosmetic - Forehead Lines in Irvine | Concierge Aesthetics

Before and After:

Patient's Area of Concern:Forehead Lines
Patient's Age:46
Treatment:(2) Sessions of Botox Cosmetic
Practitioner:Stacy Vencill, PA-C

Details of the Treatment:

This patient is 46 years old and came to us to do Botox Cosmetic for the first time.  She was most bothered by her horizontal forehead lines that were now obvious when her face was at rest.  She also wanted the skin quality to look more youthful in the upper part of her face, without looking fake or frozen.  She had 2 treatments of Botox 3 months apart in the frown and forehead areas.  She is so amazed at the changes it made in her skin, the improvement in her eyelid droop/asymmetry and is also excited that, with continued treatments, Botox will be preventing the wrinkles from getting deeper. 

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