Botox Cosmetic – Between Eyebrows

Botox Cosmetic - Before and After Photos
Botox Cosmetic - Before and After Photos

Before and After:

Patient's Area of Concern:Between the Eyebrows
Patient's Age:49
Treatment:(20) Units of Botox Cosmetic
Practitioner:Stacy Vencill, PA-C

Details of the Treatment:

This is a 49 year old female that consulted with me for Botox Cosmetic. Her priority are was the glabella (between the eyebrows) and she had never done Botox before. She was nervous but I promised her that we specialize in a natural look and she was in good hands. We used 20 units of Botox and she was elated to see the difference this made in her face—she could no longer make such a strong frown which allowed for a more relaxed and lifted look around her eyes.

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