The Root of Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

By: Concierge Aesthetics  |  February 13, 2023

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Did you know that Concierge Aesthetics offers services to help with thinning hair and hair loss?  Our Providers can diagnose the cause of your hair loss. They can also prescribe the products you need to improve your hair’s follicle growth cycle for better hair.

The Root of Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

You have more than 100,000 hairs on your head. They constantly cycle between growing and falling out. Losing between 50-100 hairs each day is part of the normal hair growth cycle. If more than this falls out, your hair is thinning.

Signs of Thinning Hair in —Women

One of the first things a woman will notice when her hair’s thinning is that her part line seems wider than usual. Women might also see more scalp and less hair than before around the hairline that frames their face. This happens when follicles die. This means her scalp produces fewer hairs per square inch than usual. If this is happening, you need a dermatologist’s help to avoid further hair loss.

Men Should Look For These Signs

The beginning of typical male-patterned baldness is a sure sign of hair loss. This starts above the temples and circles around the head, leaving only a strip of hair along the bottom. Men might also notice a receding hairline. Both of these signal disruption of the normal hair follicle cycle.

Causes of Hair Loss

The most common cause of hair loss is the aging process. It’s natural for some follicles to stop producing hair. But hormonal changes experienced in pregnancy and menopause can cause your hair to thin while you’re relatively young. In addition, some people’s hair falls out prematurely because of a medical condition they have or medication they’re taking. Whatever the cause, if your hair loss is distressing to you, there are products we can recommend to improve the situation.

Products For Fuller Hair

The solution to thinning hair is medical-grade products. Concierge Aesthetics offers quality brands like Nutrafol. Some of these work from the inside, others work from the outside. Both are effective: the best one for you is the one your Provider prescribes for your specific hair-loss condition.

Hair Growth Serum

You can apply topical products directly to your scalp for ingredients that keep your hair follicle life cycle growing normally. Our Providers recommend Nutrafol Hair Growth Serum. This leave-in product contains a blend of antioxidants and minerals to support hair growth. You can massage it into your scalp twice a day.

Products That Work Internally

We also carry products at Concierge Aesthetics that help support your hair growth from the inside out. These supplements come in capsule form and are taken orally. They include the following quality products from Nutrafol:


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