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“I felt a little “OC” when I asked my friend about Botox. I for one am all about taking care of my skin. Everything from facials, the clairisonic, good eye creams, moisturizers, wearing a good sun block all the time, cleansers, glycolic acid, to exfoliating.. So when I noticed that I was getting those annoying frown lines I began to research Botox.

The minute I mentioned it to some of my friends I got the response of “Your becoming OC now” and for a second I thought, shoot, that’s like those OC Housewives sort of thing to do. But, here is my take on that. In order for me to stoop to that OC Housewives level I would…

1) Have no taste in fashion 2) Have big fake boobs 3) Have fillers all over my face 4) drink booze all the time 5) Oh, and be married 6) shop all the time and depend on a man to support me.. So, none of that applies so therefore I am not OC. I am merely a chick who wants to take preventive measures now before latter..

So, this is where Stacy comes in. I phoned in and spoke to Stacy about Botox. I loathe needles and was afraid to do this. So she answered all my questions was very nice and informative and I booked my appointment for a Botox session with here on the 20th of April (three days ago) First off this office was immaculate. Clean and had a soothing scent to it. I was offered hot tea and filled out my papers. Now, Stacy’s skin looks great so I felt at ease plus she is a P.A so even better. We chat up some more about the procedure. Made me feel very comfortable with her amount of expertise plus the photo’s of past clients really made me feel better. I was very concerned with the pain and the needle but seriously the ice pack that she puts on before to numb up the area was more annoying than the small gauge needle itself. In fact I really didn’t feel it. Now, Botox doesn’t work on the first or second day. Here it is day three and I notice what a change. I didn’t have major frown lines but I had them from squinting which I notice I do a lot when I am concentrating. Especially with work.. I notice now that I tend to do so when I am cutting hair. So, now I am trying to train myself not to.

Anyhoo, I can see now the difference. So, ladies and Gents. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your skin and nothing wrong with Botox. I had 25 units done and it was under $230. She is not overpriced and if you are trying to do the “deal Botox” offices then expect to have 1) a less experienced person doing it 2) watered down formula 3) possible side effects. Stacy is great I hope you see her! I will be back. Now, only bummer is that it fades off. But, if you start doing it sooner you train that muscle to relax and it will not be so bad in the long run.


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